I have promised myself to draw these babies forever and NOW FINALLY hahh…!<3

people that don’t use their own screencaps for edits


I’m aware that my own personal opinion on using other’s caps is an unpopular one, but I think this is something that needs to be brought to attention, because the way certain people are acting is just not ok at all. 

over the past few weeks I’ve become more interested in the gaming photography community. “Dead End Thrills” probably pops into your head when I mention that. The main site has a few artists but the majority of the screencaps I’m about to talk about seem to be coming from Flickr. 

I was saddened when I decided to check on one of my favourite posters flickr tonight and saw this.

Personally, I don’t think the idea of making an edit and then just sticking a random character underneath with a link back to a random flickr group is a very nice way of credit, I feel like you should at least ask the person before you use their stuff, but hey-ho that’s the way that tumblr seems to be doing it, right? 

Well, there are people in the ~editing community~ on tumblr that are straight up not crediting people for their caps and that is not ok. And even from a quick look through the comments on this post it’s VERY obvious that these people would like you to ASK before you use their stuff. 

PLEASE just keep in mind that flickr/Dead End Thrills is not a resource site. It’s a place for people to share and enjoy photography/images. not every flickr is like annakie (who posts mass effect caps for others to use).

I’m not saying everyone needs to change their ways (because lbr, no one will), but at least have a shred of respect and give proper credit where credit is due.

Way to go! There is no denying that sunglasses deal less damage than glasses.

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"whydja name yourself captain dicksuck if your powers are all fire related"

"element of surprise, dinosaur boy, you predictable fucker"


like i’m all about equal opportunity shipping y’all know that

but there are just some ships that i look at and go



What’s this? The trailer for the new season of Orange is the New Black?! Yes! Everybody freak out! 

I have been told that I must take the unforsaken road.

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Mrs. Hutchinson screamed, and then they were upon her.

lotr meme: five locations [1/5] - The Shire

take off your mask

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when zombies descend on philadelphia mac initially views himself as the protector of their group

but it’s charlie’s rat killing skills that really come in handy

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